Ecuador Loja Sun dried

//Ecuador Loja Sun dried
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Ecuador Loja Sun dried

Ecuador Loja Sun dried

Organic Cultivation

Character and Taste: This perfected coffee excels due to its round body with a nippy tanginess and a fine, chocolaty aftertaste. A must-have for any coffee enthusiast.

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Origin and Plantation: 
This exquisite coffee comes from the region of Loja, located at the southern highland slope of Ecuador. The plantation lies at an altitude of 1,900 m in the Andes where we can find the best climatic conditions for the cultivation and sun drying of this excellent Arabica coffee. The hand-picked coffee beans are thoroughly cleaned and, thus, rid of the fruit pulp. The coffee is then spread out evenly on “sun patios” where the coffee is slowly and evenly dried in the sun, reducing the humidity content to 11═12 %. Then, the coffee is stored for at least 30 days and is skinned only just before its export. This is how it receives its excellent taste full of character.

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